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Filter Changes

Whether you are running your Air Conditioner, Furnace, or Heat Pump, the air filter is what helps improve the air quality in your home by minimizing the allergens, dust mites and pet dander that exists in your home. Even outdoor pollens and pollutants that enter your home get filtered, which is the good news.

The air handler in your unit pulls the air through the filter to help take these things out of your home, which improves the air quality for you and your family.


Why is Changing the Air Filters Important?

There are two reasons to change out your Air Filters on an on-going basis.

The first addresses the obvious. The filter traps the allergens and pollutants, which stay in your home until the filter is changed.

The second reason, require some understanding of how your unit works. The air filter is where the air is flowing to your unit. When it is full of debris, it is harder for the unit to perform its job.

A clogged filter forces your unit to work harder, increasing the wear and tear on your unit, potentially causing you to pay for costly repairs. In working harder, it will draw more electricity to run your unit – costing you money.


Getting on a Filter Replacement Schedule

Setting up a regular schedule to check your filters will help you minimize the debris, allergens, and the costs associated with dirty, clogged filters.

We recommend checking your filters monthly. After you have done this for a while, you may find a schedule that makes sense based on your needs. You may find times of the year where you can check/change the filters once every three to six months, and you may find times of the year when you need to do so more frequently.

The outside conditions including pollen and heat index, as well as possible construction in the area or high winds, effect how quickly your filter gets dirty. The more sensitive your family is to allergies, the more you should check your filters.

You can sign up for filter change reminder through Aire Serv's Filter Change Reminder Sign Up.

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