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Ductless Split AC Systems

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Ductless Split AC Systems vs Central Air Units

Know the difference between standard central air and ductless mini split / ductless split systems. Both of these units have condensing units that sit outside with copper tubing that runs inside, but that is where their similarities end. Cold air is not delivered through ducts in a Ductless Split A/C or Ductless Mini Split A/C unit, but through a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted blower unit. One outdoor condenser can be connected to many indoor blower units located in separate rooms.

Aire Serv Ductless Split AC Systems

There are 3 advantages that Ductless Split A/C Systems have over other types of systems.

When you have many indoor blower units, you are able to make a zone cooling system. Rarely used rooms do not have to be cooled until they are needed, since each indoor unit can work independently of the others. If a single room needs more cooling at a certain time of day, that blower is able to independently cool from the rest of the building. If every room is occupied, setting the thermostat to the same temperature on every unit eliminates the need to change the temperature when exiting one room to enter another. You have the ability to adjust the controls for the most efficiency and comfort.

Quiet Comfort
Ducts tend to rattle when you turn on central air. There a no ducts involved with a Ductless Split A/C system, so the only sound you hear is the gentle delivery of cool air from the blowers. Plus, the outside portion is able to be located up to 50 feet away, which reduces the outside compressor sounds central air units produce.

As technology improves, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings have grown. Ductless Split A/C systems are not an exception to this fact. These units are now required by law to have a minimum rating of 13. Split units are very efficient with ratings in the mid-20s or higher. Less electricity is needed by the equipment with higher ratings. Ductless Split A/C systems have an advantage of not using ducts, since ducts are able to lose as much as 40% of its cold air prior to reaching the indoor area. You do not have to worry about degradation of temperature, since air is emitted directly from the inside blower or air handler. There is no loss of cold air.

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